AutoStakkert – Stacking of Moon light frames

At first impression, the AutoStakkert user interface does not seem easy to use. However, after getting to know the key options and understanding how the program works, its interface not more to be a secret. We will go through the stacking procedure, processing sample of Moon light frames, which I collected in the early spring of this year.


AutoStakkert v.2.6.8 Installation with Linux (K)Ubuntu 18.04 LTS system

AutoStakkert under Linux

The AutStakkert program is dedicated for Windows systems. I’ve found a way how to install it on Linux systems. The Wine program emulates the Windows environment. For today (13/04/2020) on the AutoStakkert project website, there is no information how to install this program on Linux systems. I’ve took the test installation and use of the program with the help of Wine on Linux. The installation process went good and it can also be used successfully and fully functional.

Personally, I used the PlayOnLinux overlay, which is definitely a better and simpler solution for handling Wine, in addition it allows you to conveniently manage the environment of the Wine program and the programs it support, of course written for Windows systems 😉

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