Leo Triplet

Also known as the M66 Group is a small group of galaxies about 35 million light-years away[5] in the constellation Leo. This galaxy group consists of the spiral galaxies M65, M66, and NGC 3628.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_Triplet

Grupa M66 – Triplet Lwa

Full resolution: http://www.astrofoto.pekdar.net/wp-content/uploads/wppa-source/album-8/Triplet_Lwa-v1.png

The first test photo taken on the new Orion Optics CT-10 telescope on a modified assembly (gears replaced with belts + new bearings) NEQ6Pro. I did not collimate the telescope, I used it as it came from the supplier. You can see with the stars that I need to improve collimation. Flats didn’t work out as they should, but I somehow corrected it in the GIMP. The coma corrector I used with the previous Newton 1000/200 [mm] did not like this telescope model too much. The IDAS LPS-D2 48mm LP filter, which I used for the first time, passed the 5+ exam. This set will need to be further improved.

Grupa M66 – Triplet Lwa - powiększenia galaktyk

Full resolution: http://www.astrofoto.pekdar.net/wp-content/uploads/wppa-source/album-8/Triplet_Lwa-v1-zoom.png

Photos taken during night at 14/15-3.2020 near Bielsko-Biała city.

Equipment: Canon EOS 6D, O.O. CT-10 1200/250 [mm], F4.75, coma corrector, IDAS LPS-D2 48 [mm], NEQ6Pro.,

  • Composition: Astro Pixel Processor v1.077-6,
  • Processing: GIMP v2.10.14 + plug-ins (Linux),
  • Lights: 57 x 180[s] ISO-800,
  • Flats: 24 ISO-800,
  • Darks: 15 ISO-800,
  • Bias: 20 ISO-800