StarStax and star trails


Capturing Star Trails in a photo is not to difficult task. There are several schools to do this. The Internet has many descriptions and videos on how to do this. I think I’ll never become a YouTuber, personally I prefer to create a document or simple instruction that describe the whole ho-to process in clear technical language and this was what it guide me during preparation this description.


Star Trails over Teide – Tenerife

In overall, this was my third or fourth attempt to capture Star Trails. In the end, I was able to make a slightly longer photo shoot, which shows long, bright and clear trails. In the lower left corner of the screen, long white streaks of light are the lights of Italian tourists – amateurs of the night sky like we do. I remember how loud and chatty they were. The word “Polonia” was fell several times as they looked in our direction. I guess how they knew when my company, a modest number of three people, emptied the turbo-cola with raising toast.

Just above the companions from Italy, a small cluster of white light at the left edge of the frame, are also tourists who were probably descending Teide at night.

Near the bottom of the frame, center to right, white streaks of light are the lights of cars on the road nearby.

Star Trails over Teide – Tenerife - 2019

I had some luck and throughout the frame, I caught a few meteors.

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