Astro Pixel Processor – basic tutorial

APP - calibration buttons

The main goal of this description is to provide you, with the ability to quickly stack photos using the APP (Astro Pixel Processor) program, in the shortest possible time with minimal the baggage of knowledge need. I share with you what I know. I have gained experience using the APP program on my own.

Remember that each photo of collected lights is different and the examples below, will not necessarily work for your collected photo lights. You should always look for the optimal settings and solutions for each lights. Please, note that I am not the Developer of the APP (Astro Pixel Processor), but only I’m user like you. I don’t know answer to every question that bothers you. Nor am I any representative of the APP Developer or its publisher.


StarStax and star trails


Capturing Star Trails in a photo is not to difficult task. There are several schools to do this. The Internet has many descriptions and videos on how to do this. I think I’ll never become a YouTuber, personally I prefer to create a document or simple instruction that describe the whole ho-to process in clear technical language and this was what it guide me during preparation this description.


NEQ6Pro SynScan v4 holder

The original SynScan v4 controller handle from the NEQ6Pro mount, broke an ear. A new replacement costs an average of EUR 22 + an average of EUR 14 shipping costs. Thus, for a piece of plastic and material you have to pay an average of EUR 36. After a quick conversion into PLN currency, the price effectively discouraged me from shopping. The cost is about PLN 150 gross. Insane!

Zepsuty uchwyt SynScan v4
SynScan v4 holder – broken ear
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SynScan GOTO v4 controller – trouble with buttons

SynScan GOTO v4 controller

Over the last year of using my SynScan GOTO controller, I’ve noticed that the ESC button doesn’t always work as expected. Somehow I lived with it limitations. Last time the left Ra button, also began to fail and did not always connect. I could live with it for some time and it was, but lately it was even worse. After pressing the Ra button, this one did not always bounce up and the mount started to rotate like a carousel. After all, I have to mention that I had many trips together with my equipment and it is not a set that was used in the static way. A red light came on in my head – something needs to be done against trouble coming. There were not many options available, just two. First I am sending the controller to the service or second I will do something myself to fix those issues. My engineer nature took over (as always), I started to solve the problems myself.